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By Briana | August 14th 2014

Dreams in the darkness


I’ve never been able to watch a Holocaust movie without sobbing uncontrollably through the whole thing, and for hours after. It hasn’t stopped me from watching many of the impeccable films that have captured the brilliance of the human soul in spite of horrific circumstances. My favorite movie of all time is Life is Beautiful. And that it is.

I bring this up because in a time when many parts of the world seem to be going crazy, it’s important to remember that there is beauty and love and dreams woven into every conflict and in every human involved.

Last night Peter and I were reading passages from The Diary of Anne Frank. Here is a young woman with all the odds stacked against her, trapped with her family and some other random unfortunates in a small space. And what does she write about? Does she write about how crappy it is? Well … sometimes, but mostly she writes about the dynamics of the personalities, her growth in relationships, her reflections on her actions, love, and her dreams.

Even in the darkest times, her dreams of being a writer and journalist remain strong. She believes in her ability to work hard to achieve what she wants and to inspire the world.

Our nature is to be great, to be loving, to be fully expressed. Anything less is an unfortunate delusion. – Tweet it

What does that mean for us?

While we may have hard times, even incredibly hard times, there is always the option to believe. To believe in our own will, our own spirit to prevail.

When others are deeply entrenched in the delusion that they are not love, we must hold onto the truth for them. We can’t allow ourselves to be sucked into the fray.

We are free. Let’s work hard to express ourselves fully, to be great, to inspire the world, and to not live in the illusion that we are anything less.

Anne Frank’s life ended in a series of unimaginable tragedies, but without even meaning to, she inspired countless readers by showing them the strength and grace that the human soul is capable of. Sometimes we have to see it in someone else to know it’s possible.

You are love,


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