Blogs | Energy Healing: Use Energetic Opening to Create Expansion (video)

By Briana | August 18th 2020

Energy Healing: Use Energetic Opening to Create Expansion (video)


This moment in time has so much potential for us to bring about transformational healing and to awaken to our highest selves. Wouldn’t you like to have the power to heal yourself physically and energetically? Creating a strong energetic foundation is the key to lasting wellness emotionally, spiritually and physically. There’s never been a better time to awaken this knowledge of our highest potential.

In this video we’ll come together for the first powerful energetic session on YouTube! Are you ready?

Check out 0:43 Where I outline the important first step towards energy healing Jump 1:19 to learn the key to letting your mind go to allow for transformation Don’t miss at 2:26 I give important instructions for how to tune into the healing session And you can skip ahead to 3:02 to begin the healing session.


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