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By Briana | June 20th 2022

Express Yourself Fully in Your Business

Awakening your Spiritual Consciousness

I absolutely have been loving getting to do these mini-coaching sessions with soulful entrepreneurs and the feedback I’ve been getting from all of you has me over-the-moon delighted. 

This week I want to share with you Jule – a powerful coach and creator that’s found herself in a cycle that many creators experience while putting themselves out there- how to fully express what she wants while authentically being herself on video. She has the ideas, the vision, but watching her videos back, she is realizing that they’re missing a key component- herself. The energy she has on video is not the same energy she feels inside.

Jule and I explore what’s keeping her in that energy of feeling blocked from fully showing up as herself and explore how connecting to her heart and core energy can expand the way she shows up not only for others, but also for herself. 

Watch this video if you’ve ever felt challenged with bringing your full self forward in your life.

This conversation was vulnerable, enlightening, and a true, authentic expression of shifting from that need to perform for others and instead, moving towards the innate gifts that make you YOU. 

I can’t wait to hear what lands for you as you watch it.

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