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By Briana | June 27th 2022

Get Here and Now [Meditation]

5-Steps for Connection

I’m so excited to be in your inbox with a short and lovely meditation to ground you into the present moment. We often unconsciously fill our days with plans or thoughts of the future instead of being here and now in the present moment.

The beauty of meditation is that it doesn’t need to be long or sitting on the perfect cushion with the perfect incense to be effective. Meditation can be done anywhere, any time, even if you can only find 3 short minutes. This practice will help guide you out of the future and past and into the now where you can allow the peace of the moment to ripple through your life and out in to the world. 

Watch or listen to this video to calm your energy and bring yourself into a place of peace.

Finding as short as 3 minutes out of your day can drastically shift your consciousness and the way you’re feeling. 

After moving through this meditation with me, notice where your thoughts are and how you’re feeling from taking this short amount of time for you. 

I can’t wait to feel the energetic ripple of all of us choosing to be here now.

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