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By Briana | July 11th 2022

Bringing in More Flow with Structure

Discovering your Sacred Life

So grateful to be connecting with you with another beautiful coaching session that I know many of you will connect to deeply.

I’m chatting with Arlene this week about creating a new vision for her business, because right now she’s feeling out of balance in her masculine energy in the business and wants to tap into a more feminine approach. 

This brought us to one of my favorite topics- FUN! How to incorporate more fun into the tasks that may not normally feel that way to bring in more flow along with the structure. 

This is a juicy one for me, as living in the duality of BOTH instead of either/or continues to come up as a theme in many areas of our lives. 

Watch this video if you feel like you’ve been living creating rigid structures that aren’t serving your highest unfolding and want to learn how to bring a little more fun and flow into your life and/or business. 

After this conversation, I thought about all of the incredible leaders I work with and how much learning to  hold duality changes the game and opens up new possibilities.

I can’t wait to hear what excites you about using BOTH energies to create your vision!

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