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By Briana | July 18th 2022

Owning All the Aspects of Who You Are

Spiritual Awakening

If you’ve ever tried to pave a new path for yourself that is different than what everyone in your family has done, you know that it takes bravery and commitment. 

One of my favorite things to do is help incredible humans pave new paths and I was so delighted to have a coaching conversation with Sharon.  

She’s such a determined and light hearted woman who wants to infuse more fun, authenticity and freedom into her business. She’s the first in her family to own her own business and is not afraid to do the work that it takes to get there. 

In this week’s video, dive deep with us into the importance of setting clear boundaries and what it looks like to really cultivate safety in the work environment. Watch as Sharon blossoms into a deeper understanding of herself and finding what she desires out of not only her business, but also her personal life.

The more seamless we become in our boundaries in and out of our business, the less draining and clunky it is. It becomes part of our very essence. 

There’s a magnificent power in being able to live authentically within aligned boundaries and I hope this video reinvigorates the clarity within yourself.

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