This has been such a powerful energetic time. We are blessed to experience 2 full moons this month! First with the Harvest Moon on October 1st and now with our Halloween full moon this has created such powerful energetic bookends to this month and invites time for us to practice gratitude and bring abundance into our lives. The moon has such a powerful influence on all life on this planet. It controls the rhythms of the tide and affects many different creatures across our beautiful planet in a delicate balance of energy. We’re connected to this rhythm and we’re sensitive to the energetic patterns these cycles create in our lives (even if we aren’t aware of it.) The full moon is an incredible time for reflection, gratitude and connecting to our own energy. This week I’ve created a full moon meditation to create the space for you to celebrate this beautiful energetic connection we have with our moon and open up to the blessings that this time can bring.