By Briana | October 21st 2015

Harvesting light


How open are you to receiving?

The other day I was watching some social commentary comedy on Youtube about the ways we disparage ourselves and downplay our greatness when we’re given a compliment. The funny thing is you don’t buy a handsome shirt or get your hair done or write beautiful prose or learn to play a new instrument for the compliment, but you certainly don’t do it to look worse, be less articulate or talented!  

If we’re willing, compliments help us to practice receiving.  Being able to receive praise, without needing it.  Receive attention, without attaching to it.  Receive love, without minimizing it.

Most of us humans have a harvesting problem.  

We plant our seeds of intention for how we are received in the world and what our extraordinary life is like.  We water those seeds with work and determination.  We fertilize the soil with prayers, mantras, and beauty.  And as they start to blossom . . . We either pick them in a hurry, shoving them in our baskets, as we rush to our new garden where we are currently planting new seeds, or we leave them in this metaphoric garden to wither and die, because we aren’t able to receive the blessing of a fully realized dream.

The harvest is meant to be enjoyed and shared with delight.  What you create is not too much.  You are not too much.  Your brilliance, your light, your divinity is not just allowed here, it’s needed and wanted.  

This goes way beyond being able to receive compliments.  It’s about allowing ourselves to shine bright and accept all the gifts and magic available to us.  But when we downplay, disparage, and deflect we create an energetic “no” to abundance, to joy, to the full embodiment of our highest selves.

So the next time you get a compliment, try this harvesting practice:

  • Receive it as fully as you can (stretch yourself)
  • Say thank you
  • Breathe deep to let it sink in to your body
  • Give yourself a high five

The more we practice this harvesting, the more our cycle of goals to fruition can be healthy and natural.  And the more we can be beautiful examples for others to do the same.   Because why achieve anything, do anything, make anything if we aren’t going to enjoy the feast we’ve created?  

You’re awesome.  I mean it.  Receive it. 😉



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