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By Briana | February 1st 2019

How does one bend time?


Time Time Time,
See what’s become of me.
While I looked around
For my possibilities. 

(did you know Paul Simon wrote that song sung by The Bangles?) 

And that was 1987. 

Can you imagine how many MORE possibilities we have now? That we face daily? 

We now live in an attention economy. Everything, everyone, is trying to capture your attention. 

So where is it? Right now? Who or what has your attention? (By the way, thank you for your precious attention in this moment – it means so much to me that you let me into your world)

If you’ve been in my community for any amount of time you know that being “productive’ isn’t an issue for me. I set goals and make them happen. I created my own PLANNER! I love doing, creating, making things happen, check, check, check, sharpied, goal met. 

And now. 2019. It’s very clear that we aren’t going to out-run the rat race. That’s the big lie. It’s actually a lie that’s been around for a long time, it’s just gotten faster and the promise of salvation on the other side even shinier. 

We think if we just hustle harder, worry more, and answer all the emails that we’ll win-win time, money, fame, friends. But we need to disengage individually and collectively from the idea that life is the race against each other that we are going to win somehow, by going faster and doing more. 

The real game is about enjoyment, slowing down, savoring this precious life of ours. Basically doing the exact opposite that society is telling us to do. 

In Ayurveda, there’s linear time and there’s biological time. 

Linear time is well – linear. It’s based on the movement of the planets, the ticking of the clock. Biological time, though, is the aging process, and it slows or quickens based on our behaviors – faster movements, faster thoughts = more stress, more cellular oxidation, faster aging. 

But we can slow down biological time by slowing down our thoughts, slowing down our lives, and creating space. That’s what our Dreambook is about, and this is even more important in 2019 than it was in 2016 when we first released it. Not filling up your planner with more and more things that end up confusing you and creating less meaning. Slowing down. Slowing down and listening, and from there trusting that the truth will reveal itself, that you are enough, that there is enough time, and that from that place of stillness, you’ll find your way. 

Honestly, that’s the only way. 

So how does one bend time? It’s a process of practice and there is so much I could get into on this subject, but a very simple and effective start is to: come into the present moment. This is where there is space, this is where you can heal and find your way. 

If your mind is racing –  it’s worrying about the future, it’s regretting and reliving the past. It’s wasting energy, it’s aging you faster, these are thoughts that are taking up precious space in your life and mind

When we are in the present moment, time expands. And from here, we can find our true selves. We can stoke the light within ourselves and experience the energy it contains to guide us to our highest unfolding. 

If you find it hard to get present regularly – I totally get it. In the rush of the day it takes a certain dedication to slow down. To start – just set your alarm to go off on your phone every two hours, and when it goes off, it’s a signal to stop for 2 minutes (2 minutes!! That’s it!) to take some deep breaths, get back into your body, and pay attention to what’s in right in front of you. 

At first, this may be challenging to follow through on – you might forget a few, you might only take a minute – forgive yourself and do it better the next time your alarm goes off.  It starts with alarms and perhaps some challenges – but I promise you it will become a habit.  A habit of being in your life, consciously.

This is the new winning (actually it’s always been the truth) and the more people winning the more we all win. So spread the word.

Love love love,

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