Blogs | Being “Clean” with Your Energy (video)

By Briana | November 15th 2018

Being “Clean” with Your Energy (video)


In this video, I share context and tips for cleanly and responsibly sharing energy with others – while maintaining your own energy field to prevent fatigue, confusion, and other murky things that can happen when we intermix energy fields with others and lose track of our boundaries.

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  • Bernadette says:

    I totally agree and thank you so much you inspire me every time I hear you!!
    Happy Holidays

  • Marsha Bancroft says:

    Ah ha……I take on my husband’s and my mothers negative energy. It pulls me way down. I’m a gentle soul.

  • Nanci says:

    Thank you, Briana, for this video. I am familiar with the concepts you have shared, but needed to hear/feel them again. For people who hold others concerns , it is so important to remember to hold our “threads” separately! Thank you…

  • cristina madariaga says:

    I love this talk. I had a phone conversation with my best friend, she was having a really difficult time with her studies about heavy political now a days. She was on and on talking about what she was learning and it was not fun. I started to feel agitated until I finally express that I try not to get suck in the horrible news because I can not hold it so much intensity. I try to affect my surroundings with good vibes and take breaks from news. I felt that I lost my ground because until I got upset with the conversation my friend kept going on and on Trump and neonazis and all that crap. I totally relate with your talk. So glad you voice it. Thank you!!!

  • Kay Nolte says:

    As a Mother of 4 adult children, I often am the sounding board of their lives. 2 of them have been in abusive relationships, and it has been very overwhelming truing to help them through their situations. Our threads definitely got muddled. Concern for the grands really throw a knot in the mix. I felt, and still do feel, I have been fighting for their lives. Why do they feel they have to re-invent the wheel instead of learning from my past mistakes? So now I have to unravel the threads, because I can’t help them while I am such a mess. Thank you for the clarity.

  • Charrie says:

    Thank you for this! 💜

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