You’ve probably heard people talk about spirit guides but have you ever wondered how to actually find and connect with these spiritual beings? In this intense time there’s never been a better opportunity to call in the infinite wisdom of your spirit guides and receive the peace and clarity they can bring. In this week’s video I share with you a practice to help you connect to your spirit guides. You can either just listen to the three steps at the beginning, or stay with me to actually DO the practice together! This is the kind of work we do every week in our Love Rising Collective. We enter into sacred space and connect to our spirit guides, meditate, receive cosmic downloads and remember who we really are, together. And I’m hosting a free Spirit Guidance Call Thursday March 25th at 5pm Pacific/ 8 Eastern and if you’ve never attended a Spirit Guidance call before, I’d love to have you join us! And if you can’t make the call at that time you will be sent the replay if you sign up before the call. (Link below) If you’d like to see what the Love Rising