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By Briana | December 2nd 2019

Inner Light (Part 2)


In my last message, I wrote to you about accessing your Inner Light. (It’s a major theme in my Love Rising group.) Today I want to share a little more about what this light is, and why it is SO IMPORTANT to forge a conscious connection to it.

It changes everything.

If the term “Inner Light” doesn’t inspire you, feel free to call it your Authentic Self, Spirit, God, Awareness, Divine, or whatever name floats your boat.
I like Inner Light. The inner part reminds you that the Divine is within you – that spiritual connection, love, and guidance aren’t something you need to hunt for outside of yourself.

You’re also blessed with free will and a very powerful mind, so even though that Light’s inside you, you’re totally capable of blocking it out. And, you’re surrounded by a culture that prizes bodies and material stuff, and loves to share drama and pain.

Shining your Inner Light isn’t a mainstream value. So don’t blame yourself – blocking it out is almost inevitable.

The first “aha” for many people is an experience of certainty that this light hasn’t actually been absent – despite the many times you’ve felt disconnected and unsupported – just hidden. But even after having such an experience, it’s still possible to fall back into the habit of focusing on thoughts and things, and doubting the realness of this light.

I’ve been there too!

I’d like to challenge that doubting part of you. Consider this: Why would you be designed in such a way as to be separated from the helpful resources and mutual gratification of the connection between you and your Source?

Your light is here for you, but it can be hard work to build a relationship with it, for a number of reasons:

  • You’ve possibly been ignoring it for decades.
  • Your ego feels threatened by it.
  • You’re just not experienced at being with the Space – rather than the stuff that fills the space. It’s new terrain. Maybe it’s a bit like someone trying to make friends with a deer. It takes patience, persistence, faith.

And by the way, you’re the deer. Your Inner Light isn’t going to get spooked by you and run away. It’s you who’s likely to be untrusting and tentative. But there’s that Light, always, always, always there, holding out a hand to you.

And in case you’re not sure why you’d even bother with this pursuit, there are a few characteristics of the Light that make it soooooo worthy of prioritizing.
First, it’s intelligent. It always knows what will support your highest good.

Second, it always tells the truth. Ask your Highest Self and the answer may not be what your ego wants to hear, but it’s what your soul knows is true. There’s a different feeling to this Truth as compared to the relative “truth” your ego will tell you.

One way you can feel this difference is that if you challenge this inner voice, if it’s coming from your Light it won’t defend itself or make excuses or threaten you with guilt or worrisome future scenarios. Your Inner Light has a stillness to it, and it remains still even when you try to fight with it.

If you challenge an egoic assertion – a whole flurry of grumble-pants will arise.

Third, it always has your highest good as its mission, because, of course, it IS you. Your Light is more of who you really are than any of your fleeting moods, phases, personalities, or fashion styles. It’s that unchanging, authentic is-ness that’s always been here. You’re its vehicle and means of experience and expression, so you can feel safe letting it lead the way.

What do you think of all this? Can you feel a part of you that knows it’s true or wants it to be true? Can you also feel the part that protests, that comes up with reasons to discredit this? Let me know.


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