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By Briana | December 4th 2019

Always here (not in a creepy way)


When we last chatted about your Inner Light, I said it has three important characteristics. 

  1. It’s intelligent. 
  2. It always tells the truth. 
  3. It always has your highest good as its mission. 

There’s another quality of your Inner Light that I discussed but didn’t include in this list. Actually, it’s perhaps the most vital to remember, the most comforting to anyone who’s lost their way, and the most empowering to anyone who feels downtrodden: 

  1. It’s always here. It’s never apart from us. 

And this is true not just for you but for everyone on the planet. Everyone has this light. And it’s the same One Light in all of us. 

The next time you meditate, try this. First open yourself to the presence of your Inner Light. (I wrote more about this HERE.) Bring your attention to your Central Channel – a column of light that runs from your perineum to the top of your head – and let yourself notice its consciousness, its awakeness. 

Then bring to mind someone you love. Envision them and see their central channel and the light pouring out of it. Then allow your inner light and their inner light to meet. 

Imagine these lights are having a conversation. What happens? How do they interact? What do you learn? 

I can’t wait to hear.


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