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By Briana | December 11th 2019

You’re very clever, but I’ve got this.


The other day we were talking about giving yourself over to your Light (if you missed it – come HERE). If you don’t lead with your Light, it’s like walking into a cave with the torch behind you. Inevitably, there’ll be something shadowy about your interactions, some way in which you’ll be unclear or inauthentic.

We looked at the reasons why humans epidemically hide their Light. How do you think the world would change if we turned the tides and began to value reverence for one’s Light?

What happens when you propose this to yourself: I surrender my efforts to control everything. I give myself over to my Light. I let my Light lead the way.

How does that feel? Relieving? Inspiring? Scary?

Even if you feel good about it, it’s likely that there’s still some resistance to this prospect by your ego.

  • Can you feel the part of you that resists?
  • Can you feel the part that clutches at the comfort of staying the same, even if it doesn’t make you happy?
  • Can you feel the part that doesn’t want to let go?
  • Can you feel the part that tells you you’ll lose something important if you surrender to your Light?

These are all very clever strategies of your ego. But let’s not shame that scared, resistant part of you. It really believes it’s protecting you.

So instead of squashing it or shoving it down or ignoring it, let’s give it the opportunity to be heard and understood and soothed. Take an inner journey to meet that resistant part of yourself. Close your eyes, feel that resistance, visit it, and listen to its protests. Welcome whatever arises.

Then invite it into your Inner Light. Visualize your Light fully embracing this insecure part of you. Let your Light hold, nourish, and support it, giving it exactly what it needs to be at ease.

Then ask it, “Do you like being in charge? Is it comfortable? Is it easy?”

Chances are, it doesn’t actually like constantly exerting control, constantly needing to analyze the options, constantly on the lookout for future unwanted events. But it hasn’t been able to trust that it can let go and everything will be ok.

Just coming into inquiry with it can begin the process of turning over your inner leadership to something much more stable, balanced, and mature.

Remind your scared inner child that it would actually feel good to take a break, good to know for sure that your own Highest Self will navigate you to the greatest fulfillment and that you don’t have to know all the answers anymore (whew!)

I invite you to make a commitment to your Light today. Every time you notice you’re not operating from your Inner Light (not coming from a place of Love, of Vision, of Truth, etc.) visit the insecure little self and find out what it needs to be at peace. Bring it into your Light, encourage it to let go of the fight.

Then invite your Light to come forward and lead you.

I’d love to hear about your experience.


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