By Briana | December 19th 2012

My Christmas List


This has been a very exciting week for me as I move into my new internet home! It was so much fun to create and I am deeply grateful for the people that helped make the site beautiful, and for YOU for being part of my community.

I am committed to helping people get what they want because I believe that the internal conflict that results from not getting what we want has a fair amount to do with our general discord. AND I think that the skills and habits required to manifest your life – are the same skills and habits needed to feel deep inner peace. – tweet it

This is the gift that I want to give to you through my site, my blog, and my courses. And I promise to deliver.

And since it’s the season of giving, I would love a gift from you! Yes you!

My Christmas list:

  • Be aware of your beauty and shine it out into the world.
  • Tap into your inner source of happiness and bring it with you everywhere and in every situation.
  • Give abundant love in to our world, not withheld for any reason.
  • Help create a culture of self reflection before deflection.
  • Share smiles with friends and strangers.
  • A big ass dance party.

If you could help me out with any of the things on my Christmas list, I would be most thankful, and so would the world. Just let me know what you’re wrapping up for us in the comments on the blog.


  • annee says:

    darling Briana,
    Thank you for these gifts! I have been dreaming of throwing a big ass dance party in our studio for years and I am now in the process of making it happen. I just needed one more little push, and it came from you.
    <3 <3 <3
    happiest holidays!

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