By Briana | June 14th 2017

Saving the Princess


When I was little my uncle gave us a Nintendo. It was a huuuuge deal for us four kids in my family because it’s something my parents definitely would’ve never purchased for us, and we thought it would mean getting more tv time. It didn’t quite work out that way as my parents swiftly let us know that any Nintendo time would count toward our allowed 30 minutes of tv time we could have a day.

Regardless, we busted out Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros post haste and fought over the two controls. I’m the youngest so, of course, I got my turn last. We quickly realized that Super Mario Bros was far superior to Duck Hunt and for years we played that game during all of our tv time.

While running through this magical kingdom dodging turtles and jumping on mushrooms, it was easy to get lost in the task at hand – collecting coins. These magical gold treasures appeared when you beat an enemy and were often found just floating in mid air.  Maybe it was the rewarding sound they made when you grabbed them, or maybe it was that they gave you extra lives – but I loooooved collecting coins.

This love of acquiring coins transferred into the rest of my life. I’ve always enjoyed making money – from the time I could have a job I did. It’s always felt much like a game to me. Even as I’ve been able to create heart-centered businesses that really supported my purpose in the world, there has always a lot of joy in seeing that translate into income.

The other day I was sitting with my Sistermind, talking about this new offering I want to share with the world. One that’s deeply connected to my vision for the world, my unique gifts, and my soul’s purpose. I was receiving guidance from them about how to bring it into the world and getting feedback about my financial concerns around it. Because you see, it’s not really scalable. It’s not going to be a big coin collector. In fact, I can’t/won’t charge as much as I can/do for other work. And that was freaking me out: What if I’m moving backward in my business?

And then it struck me:

I’ve been distracted by collecting coins when I’m supposed to be saving the princess!

I have a mission. A purpose. A calling. And that is why I’m here.

Not that collecting coins is bad.

It’s just that I had become distracted by it.

I was letting the coins lead, instead of the mission.

I woke to this realization and from that place, my decision to move forward with this new offering felt free, guided, and blessed with ease.

The coins are just a bonus along the way.

So, what about you? Where in your life have you been distracted from your calling by the lure of collecting coins? Do you find yourself drifting from your path because of social pressures or comparison around money?

If there was no shiny gold, what would you do with this precious life of yours?

Will you join me in saving the princess?



PS – Look out for a post from me in a few weeks with more info on how to work one on one with me. It’s going to be awe-some!

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