By Briana | July 19th 2017

Soul Sessions


Writing this blog feels kind of scary.

But a wise teacher once told me, “Ecstasy lies behind a veil of discomfort,” so it’s time to get uncomfortable.

Over the past year, I kept having the same experience while meditating. I saw myself doing healing work in a different way than ever before.

Meanwhile, out of the blue, people from all areas of my life started asking me if I’m available for one-on-one sessions – even though I haven’t had a private practice for several years.

I’d stopped doing individual sessions because I felt my time was better spent on broad efforts – books, courses, and charitable programs that would reach and elevate many people at once. But I kept getting the message that this broad work needs to be combined with more direct healing.

At first, I was concerned that people would perceive my work as too “woo-woo” or unconventional, but I decided to roll with it (honestly I’m not sure I have much choice). As I began sitting with clients in a deep meditative state, I received insights about the patterns that were obstructing their peace and potential. Sometimes I’d be guided to make an intention, and I saw these patterns rapidly dissolve. Other times I felt moved to share words of guidance.

I did these sessions with a sweeping disclaimer: “I have no idea if this is going to be useful or accurate. I’m just going to see what comes up.” But, over and over and over, something unexpected would happen. People burst into tears from hearing me give words to a thorn so deep they couldn’t quite name it. They laughed when I identified a gift in them that had been yearning for expression. And they expressed surprise when I told them something about themselves that they had never shared with anyone.

But more important than these emotional responses, they reported that their lives changed. Their family life became more harmonious. Their work was more inspired. They experienced greater peace and joy. They felt called to share their own healing abilities with their family and coworkers.

As transformative as it has been for the recipients of these sessions, it’s been astonishing and deeply gratifying for me. Doing these sessions is like playing. It’s the most fulfilling work imaginable.

While I continue to run our spas, apothecary, online business, and publishing business, my time is limited for these personal sessions, but I’m carving out time for them….

So, if you’re curious about what energetic influences are at play in your life and feel like there’s just something that needs to shift in order for your to fully step into your whole being. If you’re sure that you have a soul’s calling that you aren’t quite hearing. If you feel stuck or blocked around living the life meant for you – I’d love to work with you.

In our session you’ll:

  • Release negative patterns.
  • Be witnessed in your Truth.
  • Get clear guidance around specific situations.
  • Have a light shone on your shadows with immense love and compassion.
  • Receive intelligent direction from your soul about how to move forward on your path.
  • Expand your sense of freedom.

At, best of all, you’ll feel lighter and more at peace, because you’ll connect to your spirit, which is who has all the answers you need.

These are the words from some of my clients about their Soul Session experience:

Briana blew me away in our first session. She truly has a gift. She was soft, gentle, and profound. When she was in my energy she discovered things I could feel but couldn’t put words to, and through her putting words to it I immediately felt a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of myself. She also discovered energy blocks in my body that I had no idea existed, but when she moved that energy ever so subtly there was an immediate release that I could feel. I felt more centered, tapped into myself, and alive after each session. – Kavita J Patel

I’ve experimented with different types of energy work over the years and it was immediately clear Briana offers something unique. She’s gentle, perceptive, and easy to work with, and at the same time, incredibly strong and powerful! I was blown away by her insights and how great I felt afterwards. She’s a gifted healer and I feel so lucky to be able to work with her! – Liz Long

When I started working with Briana, my life was in a big transition. I felt like a snake in my old skin that was hard to shed. For some reason I was having a really hard time “crossing over “into my new life. I felt stuck and outdated. My relationship, business and body all felt uncomfortable and stagnant. I’m a big proponent of therapy, but it was just slow moving, so I called Briana. In just one session I felt completely different in my body. After my second, I launched a new business venture with ease and filled a program in less than two weeks. After the third, my relationship felt new and fiery again. I was SHOCKED and thrilled by how easy it was to shift. There were just some things out of whack in my system that needed some attention. It was like Briana re-wired me. She is someone who I will continue to work with indefinitely because life just works better when she’s working on me. I can’t recommend her enough. – Sarah Bratjford Jenks

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with me, check out the details here:

It would be an honor to be witness to your soul.



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  • Susan Barton says:

    Enjoyed reading you “Soul Sessions” before finding this page. Reading again, here, is even better…beautiful environment does make a difference. (Thinking of the lesson you gave saying to make one improvement in your environment every day. Wow, your work on that is evidenced here.) I’ve hired three energy healers, some more than once, each time has been great. But the group energy session you did online addressing Money and Time…WOW! Time and I have always danced but I believe my relationship with money needed improving. I’ve been fortunate to have an abundance when I pause with gratitude…but now and the near future are clearly belt synching. My monetary relationship caused me to absolutely *freeze* last month. During the Time/Money session I felt the needed shift and was glad I was alone in the room because I wept freely. Knowing and seeing where and why this sorely needed, change was occurring. Wish I could have signed up for the Illuminator or even the Coaching the first day The Well Life offered these courses… I really missed out on the one-on-one, with you, that was included for the early birds! My financial (and entire) world is in winter, a contracted state, but when summer returns I see getting the opportunity to freely release again.

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