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By Briana | July 9th 2023

The Dragontree 20th Anniversary Interview

Discovering your Sacred Life

Today is the 20th anniversary of The Dragontree!! When I was 22 and writing the business plan on Business Plan Pro in my studio apartment I had no idea that we would end up here.

My vision at that time wasn’t to create a International Wellness brand – it was to create a sanctuary in Portland and make enough money that I could stop belly dancing at night and eating the cranberries out of the cranberry orange tea for lunch lol.

I can’t even put into words how grateful I am. It’s been an incredible journey of healing, growth, and transformation that’s given me the opportunity to meet so many beautiful human beings, learn about myself in a deep and profound way, and learn how to surrender and engage like everything depended on it.

It’s crazy to me to have written a mission statement in my journal when I couldn’t even rent a car that still means so much to me and our team, that we turn to again and again to guide our way.

I think about the paper schedule we would book our appointments in and I have such fondness for that way.

I still get excited when I hear the phone ring at the spas. I feel thrilled when I see someone using our Dreambook to create their lives.

When our neighbor tells us that Rituals for Transformation has changed her life – I can hardly believe how lucky we are to do this work.

My heart bursts when I see priestesses and magic makers out there using our candle in their ceremonies.

It’s all just mind blowing honestly. And all of the people (you!) that have been there, supporting us, engaging with the work, and really choosing this lifestyle – will always have my heart.

PS. The video above is one that Peter and I made about these last 20 years… if you want to see more of our adorable/dorky convo. 🙂

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