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December 5th through December 7th

The Alchemical Entrepreneur

The Mastercourse your alien entrepreneurial spirit has been waiting for is almost here!

We’re going to lay the foundation for your 2023 Year, get clear about exactly what it is you WANT to do, and set you up for growth and expansion.

This way… you can relax through the holidays knowing you’re aligned with your success and have a plan to actually bring it to life.

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April 5 - December 20, 2022

Awakened Leader Mastermind

We are devotion in motion.

A nine month initiation for 20 leaders

Enrollment is now closed for 2022.

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December 16th through December 20th

Illuminate The Darkness

Join me for a FREE 5 day journey to Awaken your Inner Light.

Honor the wisdom of the season, be like the Earth and bring our energy inward, deep into ourselves. And then allow ourselves to be rebooted/reconfigured/reoriented in a way that opens our hearts and creates truly new beginnings that await us in each moment.

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January 10th through February 1st

Worthy: Remember and Reclaim Yourself

Our potential fully realized – our connection into the depths of our worthiness – heals the collective and opens us up to a world of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams

Come home to your innate worth

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Connect to your
highest self.

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