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By Briana | April 16th 2014

Want to create your vision?


I’m so delighted that I’ve married into a Jewish family.  Being able to experience different holidays and traditions has been an eye opening and liberating experience for me.  Passover is one of my favorites because at Seder we get the opportunity to explore deeper xtopics like what real freedom looks like, and where we see injustices in the world, and ways in which we are imprisoned by our own thoughts.  Not your average dinner table conversation.

Every year as we go around the table and share our ideas on how we can each individually help move our world toward more peace and happiness, I’m struck by overwhelming gratitude that through my businesses I get to make massive change in the world, every day.

This is why I love business so much.  It can be so much more than just a way to make a living, but a way to live your purpose in the world and make a difference.  I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs and small business leaders to structure their efforts so that they see the fruits of their labors and can effectively create their vision in the world, for the world.

I’m guessing that you have a vision for your life, and possibly a bigger idea of how you would like to change the world.  And if you don’t, you’re probably developing one.

And that’s where a lot of us are left, with an idea of how it could be, and idea of how we want things to be, but without any idea of how to get there.  The truth is there are probably a lot of “right ways” to get to your end result and that in and of itself can be overwhelming.

In May I’ll be releasing my course Get It, Create Anything You Want that will help you figure out exactly how to navigate and achieve these exact issues that we all face, but until then I want to share with you some effective steps for moving toward your dreams.

First, get clear about your vision.  Take yourself on a dream date, find a cozy café or a relaxing wine bar where you can write freely about what you want in your life and in the world.  What do you want your day to day to look like, how do you see working with others, what kind of change do you want to affect in our culture or in countries across the world.  Write it all out and don’t get hung up on the hows.

Then go through and pick out the jewels from your writing process, what makes your heart sing?  This is the vision.

Next, make a list of three things you can imagine might move you toward that vision.  Here’s the thing, you’ve never created this vision before, so it makes sense that you may not know exactly what to do to get there.  That’s okay!  But, make an educated guess and then….

Do the three things on your list and see what happens.  From action you’ll figure out what needs to be changed, what worked, and what to do next.  You’ll create momentum.

I know you have a dream and I want to help you get it, because the world needs more people that are standing for something, more people that aren’t living to make a living, but are living to make a life. – tweet it



PS. I’d be withholding pure awesomeness if I didn’t share with you my dear friend Danielle Diamond’s new Love Your Asana program.  I’ve been doing Danielle’s workout for years and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve found to stay strong and fit.  I think you’ll totally love it.

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