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By Briana | April 23rd 2014

Merging passion with commitment


I grew up with my father playing the piano whenever he was home.  He’d play songs we heard a thousand times and new songs he was working on and songs that would make us drop everything we were doing and run around the house like crazy children. (By the way this was a genius parenting move to dictate that one song was the “run around the house song” and for as long as my dad would play it, all four of us would run and run and get all of our energy out.)


My papa and me

When he wasn’t at work, or at home playing the piano, my papa was playing music with his band.  He always has a band.

I’ve known a lot of passionate musicians in my life, and several of those have also been talented, but often when it comes to “getting their life together” music is dropped in favor of a job that will support their family and pay the mortgage.

This is why I’ve always found it so impressive that my father maintained his commitment to music.  He did get a “real job” to take care of his family, but he diligently created space for his music.

Dedication is the marriage of passion and commitment, and it is crucial for success. – Tweet it

Many of us have passions that we aren’t committed to, and commitments that we’re not passionate about.  Lost ventures.  Dull meetings.  Unachieved dreams.  Empty actions.

Stop it. This is a recipe for soul sickness.

Bring passion into your commitments.  Find the joy and purpose in what you’re doing by remembering why you’re doing it.  Did you take your job because you love graphic design, but are now weighed down by the demands of office life?  Re-callibrate your attitude and show up to design some amazing shit, and let office drama roll off.

If your commitments currently hold no passion for you that you can access, then infuse them with what you’re passionate about.  Being a parent all day to young kids can be exhausting, and though we love our children, sometimes there just isn’t any passion for playing Candy Land for the millionth time.  It’s okay, you’re not a horrible person.  But rather than feeling drained by endless visits to the Peppermint Stick Forest, engage your children with something you’re passionate about; baking pies, making jewelry, painting, or walks in nature.

Commit to your passions, don’t let them slowly die because you’re too “busy.” Attend to your passions like your life depends on it.  ‘Cause in my opinion, it kinda does.  What is a life lead denied all joy that comes from embodying passion?

Work on it every day.  Even if you only have 10 minutes to write down your ideas for your dream business, do it.  Take the time to dance your heart out to at least one song a day if dance is your passion.  Text a friend just to check in if you’re passionate about creating community.  You can find simple ways to maintain your passions without jeopardizing your stability.  But if you aren’t committed to your passions you may find them harder to access when you magically find time for them.

My father retired from his “real job” last summer.  Now he has even more time for music and art and he hasn’t missed a beat – because there was never a time when he wasn’t playing fully with passion.  To me, that’s success.

In my course, Get it, Create Anything You Want , we explore the dynamics of commitment and passion and how to get fully dedicated so that your dream life is something you lead every day, not just when you retire.  If you want to be the first to know when it’s open for enrollment, click here and I’ll let you know.

I’m dedicated to helping people live a life that feels alive.  What are you dedicated to?


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