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By Briana | December 17th 2012

What Cheryl Tiegs Taught Me About Manifesting


I have been feeling so grateful and humbled to have my Get It coaching program started with some of the coolest people around. I love helping people get what they want. Thanks for making space for this in your life.

I remember a time in my life when I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I was 22 when I opened my spa, The Dragontree, and man, there were some serious challenges. Not the least of which was being a boss, making business connections, and representing my spa with elegance, class, and maturity.

You see, I didn’t feel elegant, classy and mature. My friends were out dancing to house music and taking bong hits. I didn’t even have a point of reference for how to be this new chic business woman. But, I was required to act the part, because I had chosen this path and I wasn’t about to bail.

Luckily, the more I acted the part, the more the role began to suit me. I became very comfortable being a boss, making connections and, yes, representing with elegance and class. (I decided the maturity bit was totally overrated.)

Every year, my dear friends throw the most amazing murder mystery party. This year we flew back to Portland from Boulder just so we wouldn’t miss it. Each guest gets assigned a character beforehand, with a personality profile, relationship information, and a description of what to wear. You arrive and mingle for fifteen minutes as yourself. After that, the game begins. Then you’re expected to stay “in character” and to interact with the other guests in the way that you would imagine your character would relate their characters.

The first time we went I was afraid I would be awful at this. I am a terrible actress (or so I thought) and I expected it would be uncomfortable acting like someone else. After the first ten minutes of having other people treat me like Cheryl Tiegs (that was my character) it was impossible not to take on the role and have fun with it. By the end, my faux fight with Farrah Fawcett was effortless and enjoyable

I realized that if I can take on being Cheryl Tiegs in a matter of a couple of hours, I can be anyone that I want to be. And so can you. Don’t think you need to lie about who you are or what you’ve done; just start seeing yourself as the person you want to be and watch how the world responds. IIf you want to be a respected business person, act like a respected business person. If you want to be an adored wife, act like someone that is adored. If you want to be an inspiring author, act inspired and write! The world will mirror back to you that you are becoming who you endeavor to be.

This week I want you to take on the actions and feeling of the “future ass-kickingest you” and make them yours – now! Let me know how it goes.

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