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By Briana | December 17th 2012

Why I’ll Always Have Gravy and The Internet


I hope that you are warming up for a cozy and festive Thanksgiving. We just got our grocery shopping done for our feast we’ll be preparing tomorrow with some of our dearest friends. I love this holiday – so much gratitude, love, and delicious food.

One thing that is totally non-negotiable for me on Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes and gravy (I have the most amazing gravy recipe from my papa.) In fact, I don’t really care what else we have. The rest is flexible. So, of course, every Thankgiving I eat mostly mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of salad and a piece of pie.

There are other things I have made non-negotiable in my life too: a roof over my families head, a working car, time with my family and friends, access to the internet. And, so they exist without question in my life.

I’m sure you have these things in your life too, right? Things that you don’t even question will be there.

But, then there are the things that we strive for, hope for, long for. Things that we want, but obviously can live without, because we do.

The things that are non-negotiable we will make massive efforts to maintain. For instance, I would happily take a second job as a waitress to keep a home for my family. However, my desire for a cute turquoise Vespa hasn’t inspired such effort, because it’s negotiable in my world.

The other thing about non-negotiables is that they hold a certain energetic quality in our lives. Something that magnetizes them to our reality. When we fully expect a specific thing, a circumstance, or an outcome, and apply gratitude to their existence it becomes significantly more likely that those things will just be.

This can be useful when we want new things, circumstances, and experiences in our lives. Cultivating a mindset that makes what you want non-negotiable, actually makes those things non-negotiable. Not only will you make more effort in the direction of creating what you want, there will be an energetic pull that will align your dreams with your reality.

What are you going to make non-negotiable? It’s a mindset and you can totally do it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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