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By Briana | April 7th 2016

What I wish I had years ago


I’m so excited because this week two huge things are happening for me: one, a course  that I’ve been working on and is so dear to my heart is now available and two,  I’m featured in Boulder Lifestyle Magazine this month as a female entrepreneur “ultimate business role model”.  It’s an incredible honor to be celebrated for my leadership with The Dragontree. It’s not every day that we’re publically praised for our work in the world, and it feels very sweet.  


My entrepreneurial journey has definitely has not been easy.  Yesterday I was doing an interview with another magazine about my path and I found myself, again and again, saying “I don’t think I could have done it without support.” “I’m so grateful for my mentors and coaches.” “My community is the thing that really got me through all the hardest times.”

This is the case with pretty much every big endeavor I’ve accomplished: having someone show me the way and creating a community of mutual support has been paramount to my success.

When I was just a few years into my business and had recently bought out my first business partner, I was so ready to grow, but most of my work day I was in the massage room with clients and then running around in between putting out fires.  But my passion and vision for our company was strong though and I knew I needed to have someone show me the way.  So I hired my first business coach.  I swear, she was an angel.   She guided me through her processes for stepping out from working “in” business to being able to work “on” business.  I learned so much, and got very clear on what I really wanted my position in my business to be.

Since that time I’ve had many many amazing coaches, I’ve done several courses, and I’ve been in the most fantastic Masterminds – and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ways in which they have shaped my life and business.

We all need guidance and support.

Especially if you have a big vision for your life and the impact you want to make on the world, getting direction from someone that’s done it, makes it so much easier.

That’s why I’ve poured my heart, and Peter’s heart too, into a new course for you.  Because as a leader in the movement to helping people become their most vibrant, centered, and peaceful selves, I’ve figured out a ton of stuff that I wish I would have known years ago.  Peter and I have both tried so many different ways of approaching goals, health, and happiness, and we’re total geeks about getting down to the truth of it, for ourselves, and for our clients.

This beautiful 9 week course: Dreaming+Planning: Create a Meaningful Life, will teach you how to craft your life to maximize “the sweet stuff”, to achieve your big goals, AND have more full, loving, meaningful relationships with the people who matter the most to you (including yourself.)

After considering what to gift my team with for the New Year – something that would offer us deep connection to ourselves and each other, and that would set us all up for true success in the year to come – I decided to purchase Dreambooks & Planners for everyone and have Briana teach us a Dreambook Workshop {Dreaming+Planning:Create a Meaningful Life}.  We were absolutely blown away!  The Dreambook takes the complexities of life, desires, and responsibilities, and helps it all find its way into our lives with ease and grace.  As we went through the process with Briana, the team kept saying how relieved they felt to see everything flow together, without having to sacrifice health, relationships, or spiritual connection.  The whole experience was a dream, and Briana is a brilliant teacher and guide. – Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach

At the end of nine weeks, you’ll be able to get from “here” to “there” with as much efficiency, love, and grace as humanly possible. You’ll be breaking down your goals into conquerable steps, achieving your goals in a way that’s sustainable, and sticking to your plans to make it all happen.

If you’re wanting to create more meaningful success in your own life, and recognize that guidance from people that deeply care and have done it themselves, would be helpful – join us.



PS. We’re offering an early bird special on Dreaming+Planning:Create a Meaningful Life until next Wednesday – so sign up now.

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