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By Briana | January 16th 2013

What will you bring?


The other day I was on a plane to go to Portland and it was one of those situations where you’re sitting on the plane for an hour and then they tell you that there is something wrong with the plane and you’ll have to move to another. Sucks, right? But, of course, who wants to ride on a jalopy of a plane . No thank you, I’ll take the transfer.

This in and of itself, is probably not story worthy, but what the pilot said was. As he announced that we would be moving off the plane and over to gate A46, he said “This means I’m going to get home late, so I’m going to be cranky.”

Funny, because I bet his family would rather he be home late, then not come home at all. So…why be cranky?

We do this. We let situations dictate our emotional state. But, we have an option – we can remain unaffected and actually bring our light to the situation.

His comment was a great reminder of that for me. I wasn’t particularly happy that I would be missing my dinner date with my bestie, but I decided to not let my happiness be hampered.

Instead of lowering your vibration when circumstances aren’t ideal – try raising it. See how much joy, happiness and light you can conjure and then make a game out of seeing how many people around you you can positively affect. Can you turn their frown upside down?

Often this is as simple as extending a smile, opening a door for someone, or helping a new mom with her family’s luggage. We’re all in this together. Lend a hand. Be understanding. Emanate love.

Being of service to others is the quickest ways to amplify your own joy and get out of your own crappy attitude. If our pilot was in a the spirit of service he may have tried to lift the vibration by making a joke or letting us all know that they care for our safety and don’t want us to die in an effed up plane. This, in turn, would have provided a warmer and more united atmosphere.

My mother used to say that it’s how we act when things aren’t ideal that defines us. It’s easy(ish) to be happy when everything is hunky dory and going our way, but when things are difficult we must challenge ourselves to bring our positivity, kindness, and love to the situation.

You know that wonderful Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” You are the change. Bring it.

In the next week I dare you to see how amazing you can make every circumstance you find yourself in. See if you can push your own boundaries of delight and joy. Please let me know how it goes in the comments.

P.S. This week I released a video on why you should give up hope. Come on over and check it out.


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