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By Briana | November 21st 2022

7 Steps To Forgiveness – Step 1

Discovering your Sacred Life

Forgiveness has been a consistent tool in my freedom tool belt for decades and I feel like my deepened understanding and appreciation for the sacredness of forgiveness has increased, and continues to increase as I evolve and grow.

One of the things that often comes up is the question of “how?”

How does one forgive?

What does that even mean?

This week I’m launching a 7-week series on my YouTube channel to help you discover the  process of understanding, accepting, and integrating the concept and action steps involved in forgiving not just the folks around you, but yourself too. 

I just want to remind you that you are not required to forgive. It is not your duty, it’s your gift you offer yourself and the world as well, but it gets to be a personal choice. And when you do, it’s the salve for the ache in our hearts. 

I can’t wait to share each of the 7 steps over the next several weeks, and see how each new lightbulb-moment transforms how you approach your relationships both to others and to yourself. 

You are worth the investment.

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