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By Briana | November 14th 2022

Want To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s How

Discovering your Sacred Life

If you’re a human person, chances are you’ve felt overwhelmed at some point and will again. 

In our culture of productivity and go-go-go, the feeling of overwhelm can swallow us whole. And most of us don’t have the most efficient tools to deal with that feeling.

That’s why I love this question from Linda:

She asked, “In my growth process, I really struggle with feelings being overwhelming. Any thoughts on how to find more objectivity when feelings feel like they are actual facts instead of emotions?”

I know you’re here for a reason and your purpose is unfolding every day. I hope this wisdom finds you where you need it, so that you can move through these feelings of overwhelm and into feelings of devoted drive and freedom in a whole new way.

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