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By Briana | November 7th 2022

How To Get Motivated

Awakening your Spiritual Consciousness

Have you ever felt unmotivated? If you’re a human on this planet, chances are you probably have. You’re not alone in these moments where you struggle to finish something you started, even if you like doing it! 

Procrastination is REAL. 

That’s why when Lacey asked this question in my community – I knew so many of you might relate. She asks, “I’d love to know more about how you stick with something to the end – I have the worst time finishing things. Any advice on how to keep showing up and finishing what you started?”

I know this work can feel prickly, and I’m so proud of you for continuing to show up for yourself. Your dreams are sacred and deserve to see reality, and I’m here to help you clear the path forward.

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