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By Briana | October 31st 2022

Do You Want To Be More Present?

Discovering your Sacred Life

In my many years of guiding incredible humans to be spiritually rooted stewards of wealth, I’ve noticed that occasionally some folks find it challenging to really get the most out of the expansive experiences they partake in. 

Sometimes it’s an energetic block, old patterns surfacing, or even a feeling of powerlessness over their circumstances. 

Part of what I do is train folks seeking expansion to be as open and present as possible, so when Tina asked this question in my community I knew we had to break down how we can do exactly this!

Tina asks, “How can I be more open, present, and show up more fully in my spiritual practices and courses so I can get the most out of these experiences?”

I teach so many workshops, courses, and programs, and I want you to be able to squeeze every juicy tidbit out of each one so that you can grow and expand and go deeper with every new experience. 

I’m here for you – and it’s not only my life’s work, but also my true joy to facilitate your spiritual freedom. 

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