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By Briana | May 8th 2013

Are you breaking these rules?


I don’t know about you, but I’m super pumped about my vision for my life recently. I’ve gotten really clear and it’s exciting! I hope you’re here with me.

With all this enthusiasm, I’ve been working my Vision Board action cards like you wouldn’t believe, and momentum is happening! If you’ve missed any of the previous actions, you can check them out here, here, here, and here.

Today I’m going to talk about the action card: Create a connection that will lead me to my dream. When you pull this card get on out in the world and find out who can help you achieve your dreams.

Recently, my spas in Portland have been taking off! They are busier than ever, but unfortunately we were finding that our expenses were increasing at a greater rate than our income. Yikes! My dream includes having highly profitable spas, and I was feeling uncomfortable with our margins and no matter how many times I poured over our books I wasn’t finding the issue, I was too close, so what did I do? I asked my friends that have successful businesses who they use for financial strategy and investigation. And then I reached out to those people, and hired one of them to help me.

I’m pretty friggin’ smart ;), but I can’t do everything on my own – and neither can you. Making connections to people that can help you is essential. However, there are some important rules to follow when taking this vital action.

Rule #1: Don’t ask someone you don’t know (or barely know) to lunch so you can “pick their brain.” Most people, like you, are busy and have their own life aspirations going on. If they are a coach or a consultant, hire them. If they aren’t, then I would suggest something like this: “Hey, I am so impressed by you. I want to become a famous sword swallower too and would love to ask you a few questions about what you’ve done to get where you are, how you avoid cutting off your tonsils, and what you recommend as far as sword length for a beginner. I know you’re time is super valuable, so I was wondering if I could help you promote your next show in exchange. I could email you the questions or we could have a quick conversation. Thank you so much.”

Rule #2: Always express gratitude. There are lots of people that will help you out of the kindness of their heart – because people are awesome – and when they do, say “thank you.” Seriously. Write them a hand written card, call them, publically thank them – just do it!

I can’t tell you how many times people email my husband, Peter, to ask him for health advice. To which he takes his valuable time away from his own goals and family to respond to with great care, and more than half the time people don’t even respond. It’s crazy.

Anyway, don’t be one of those people.

Rule #3: Choose wisely. You’re dreams are a big deal, right? So treat them seriously and with care, and be discerning about who you’re asking for help/advice. If you’re going to hire someone to coach you to build your business, I would suggest choosing someone that has done it. If you want to become an Olympic athlete, then seek out a trainer that has brought athletes to the Olympics.

Do your homework, interview people, and align yourself with the best of the best.

Rule #4: Be genuine. There are a lot of successful people in the world that can help you achieve success, AND they’re just people. We’re all just people. Be yourself, treat them with love and kindness, and create relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Don’t underestimate your value, and bring it fully to every relationship. – Tweet it.

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If you follow these four rules while reaching out to create connections, you’ll be amazed by how big-hearted people are, and you’ll be expediently propelled toward your goal.

And speaking of relationships, thank you for ours. It means a lot to me that you allow time for me and my message in your life and that you participate in my community. As always, I love to hear from you – so scroll down to the comments and tell me, what connection can you make this week that will get you closer to your dream life?


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  • Phil says:

    I’m convinced rule #2 is the secret to succeeding in this world.

    It only takes a minute to say thanks, but people remember it forever. If you’re sincere in your gratitude, they will likely be there to help over and over and over again.

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