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By Briana | May 1st 2013

For The Love of Clarity


What do you do when you’re inspired by your vision for your life?

I’ve been writing about my Vision Board Action Cards to explain what I do when I’m pumped to get it! You can read about my past posts about nurturing your body, acting the part, and communicating for manifesting.

I’ve found that taking inspired action is one of the most fundamental ingredients in creating the life of your dreams. Sometimes we’re tempted to just kinda bask in the delight of our own enthusiasm, which is awesome if you’re busting ass toward your dream at the same time. – Tweet it

bask in delight

Today we’re going to cover this action: Journal for 5 minutes to create more clarity around my life vision.

When you’re feeling excited about what you envision for your life – or your vision needs to be worked out a bit – and you pull this card, then it’s time to get some details onto paper. It’s important to capture the niceties that are in your head and start expanding on them so that your dream becomes crystal clear and more tangible. Even if the details don’t turn out exactly as you plan them now – say, that vacation home ends up being in Bali instead of Maui – let these details stoke your excitement and carry you in the general direction of your vision. You might be surprised how some of the particulars that you extrapolate will inform and fuel your momentum toward achieving them.

Start your journaling session by revving up your excitement. Imagine that you’re a week, a month, or a year in the future, and everything is going exactly according to plan. Feel it. Then write about how this imagined day has been. What did you do? Who did you see? How did you feel?

Especially write down details of how you felt throughout your day, and how you feel as you reflect back on how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. Express your gratitude.

Then get detailed about what you’re looking forward to, how your relationships are going, what is happening at work, where you’ve been traveling… Whatever it is that will illuminate the future you are creating.

Remember that the more focused your vision is, the more energy will be directed to getting exactly that.

When you’re done journaling, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you allow yourself to expand into the reality that you’ve just created.

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