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By Briana | April 24th 2013

Want to Live More and Weigh Less?


I have spent much of my life striving for different things: relationships, money, health, and success because I thought they would make me happy. Can you relate?

It wasn’t until I realized that attaining a fantastic love life, wealth, health and more was not going to “fix” anything, I would just have those things plus my dissatisfaction, that I started to make it a priority to create happiness right now. And that happiness is a magnet for all the rest of my desires to show up, but I’m not attached to them, because my happiness is uncompromisable and not reliant on outside factors.

Because this is such a huge part of my life, teachings, and my daily practice, when I met Sarah Jenks and learned about her brilliant philosophy on living more to weigh less I fell instantly in love (it helps that she is also a sweet, genuine, and loving woman).

Her message is empowering and effective and I’m so excited to share my dear friend with you.

Watch this video {click the image below to see it} to learn about Sarah’s philosophy and get three great tips to living more and weighing less today:

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If you’ve been feeling the heaviness of your weight, on your body and in your life, I just know that you are going to love what Sarah shares in this video.

She is also offering an amazing free training that will help you create a life you love and a body you adore. Check those out HERE.

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