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By Briana | April 10th 2013

Does this attitude make my life look big?


Earlier this year I hosted a vision board party that many of you were at. It was super fun! One of the things that sets my vision board apart from others is the action cards that go along with it. These are cards that you pull every time you’re motivated by your board. Inspired action is a vital part of manifesting!

I’ve gotten tons of emails since then asking me to dive further into each action, which I am thrilled to do. I started with nurturing your body. You can read about that HERE.

Today we’re going to talk about the action card that reads: For two hours act as if everything on my vision board is already happening.

This is an important principle in manifesting and creates amazing results. It’s the practice of embodying the life you are envisioning for yourself. Now. Acting from the place of satisfaction, the place of accomplishment, the place of ease in knowing that you already have what you desire. Imagining what you will say, do, think, and feel when you have your dream, and then say, do, think, and feel those things right now.

Some people feel that embodying the experience of having already attained your goals creates a field around you that attracts those very circumstances. Like the way you sometimes attract more romantic interest from others when you’re already in a relationship – or when you’re just feeling confident about being in a relationship with yourself for a while. Even if you don’t believe that there’s magic involved in this process, you’ll nonetheless see that when you try on the fulfilled version of you, you see things differently. You see opportunities. You see little (or big) indications that things are moving in the right direction. And others see you differently too. As someone who doesn’t sit around hoping for good things to come.

Get inspired by people who already have what you are going for. There has to be somebody out there who has done what you want to accomplish (or something close). Look to them to see how they are in the world. What kinds of things do they do? How do they act around money? Relationships? Their bodies?

What kind of beliefs do they hold? Do they believe the universe is abundant or “not everyone can have the life they want”? Do they believe that love is omnipresent, or hidden in corners? Do they believe they are worthy, or not good enough?

Try on these ways of being and thinking. Come from a place of owning them. Be like Daniel Day Lewis while working on a film – go totally “in character” and never come out.

Go for a visceral sensation. It’s only semi effective to dress the part and make believe. Instead aim for a deeper level of feeling the part. Like, how would you feel if you had a million dollars in the bank? You might imagine that you would feel exuberant, right? And you might, if you won the lottery and that money just came to you, but if you investigate further you’d probably find that most people with millions of dollars in the bank aren’t actively excited about it – but rather they have a sense of ease around money. Bills come in, and they are effortlessly paid. A charity moves them, and they donate with generosity.

Adopt the sensations, make them yours.

It’s not always comfortable at first. You know the feeling when you put on jeans that just came out of the dryer? Tight, right? Like you kinda want to take them off and put on some cozy sweat pants, even though they’re really not flattering. But it doesn’t mean that the jeans don’t fit you! Or that those sweat pants are a good idea. You’ve been wearing them for years! They may say Juicy on them, but what kind of juice was that exactly? It looks like some leaked out and it’s suspiciously close to the crotch. You just have to stick it out with those jeans for a bit – they’ll loosen up and you’ll forget the morning struggle of getting them on and wondering if they make your ass look big.

Put on your dream life. Your attitude should make your life look big! – Tweet it 


Now, I’d love to hear from you! Scroll down to the comments, and tell me three beliefs, feelings or actions that the future you will have, and then embody them now.


  • Love this blog post, thank you Briana!
    Just felt so settled, content and excited embodying being a freelance writer for yoga and wellness journals, successfully completing my first yoga dance jam body movement exploration workshop ( date is set for may 17 eek! ) and feeling financially abundant and traveling. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance! Xo

  • Wanda says:

    Ease, heightened self confidence, abundance and generosity, joy

  • Maria says:

    * create a kickass business that empowers women to take their life to the next level

    * create a balance between being a focused entrepreneur and a focused mother and a focused wife

    * Feel sexy and comfortable in my beautiful body.

    Thanks Brianna! This is particularly potent on the new moon 🙂

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