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By Briana | April 3rd 2013

Get Physical (and a picture)


How are you today? Really. I’m actually very curious how you’re feeling, how things are going, and what’s up in your life. Email me back – I’d love to hear from you.

This last month was an intense time in my life. Lots going on, a bunch of personal inner work, and honestly – I had a difficult time maintaining my cheery attitude. I was grumpy with my husband about little, unimportant, stuff, I cried a lot, and my vision for my future was foggy at best.

I feel fortunate to have a lot of tools at my disposal to help me out of funks like this. And boy did I implement them – regular EFT, meditation, processing conversations, picking up my attention and putting on all the good in my life, being grateful and journaling. Did it help? Well…yes, but not as epically as I was hoping.

I was still feeling down. Then both my sister and my loving husband reminded me, “Briana, you’ve got to friggin’ exercise.” To which I replied with little joy, “I am exercising.”

You see, last August I made an agreement with myself to exercise every day for a year. I’m big on agreements and was sticking to it! But, in reality, I was counting a leisurely walk as my exercise, or half heartedly lifting weights while watching New Girl. Not enough.

So, with a little cajoling from my family, I worked out. Hard.

The result? Emotional transformation.

All pain is caused by stagnation. This applies to physical pain and emotional pain. When blood and energy aren’t moving it’s going to hurt on some level. We’re fully connected – our thoughts, emotions, and bodies, so when we get sluggish on one level, it can lead to stagnation on another level. And, the inverse is also true: if we get shit moving on any level it tends to promote flow on all levels.

Get physical before getting philosophical. – Tweet it

By moving my body intensely, I was able to free myself from my rut and get enough perspective to implement my other tools more effectively. But, it wasn’t a one time thing – it’s mental maintenance – I’m re-invigorating my commitment to exercising every day for year with gusto. Wanna join me?

Here is a picture of me hiking near my house. Exercise can, and should, be fun!


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Tell me what you do to get out of mental funks and then let me know if you’re on board with working out with me every day for a year?



  • YES!!! I recently had a small back injury and was exercising lightly to keep moving and when my back got better I kept just lightly moving because it felt good and easy. Yet my mind was getting foggy and I was feeling exhausted on the regular. Sooo I did bootcamp and wow…. And wow my sweat released something magical that was blocking me… Soooo grateful for this post… I want to make massive sweat a part of my weekly regimen to keep my brain and body in flow!!!

  • Jenna Herbut says:

    Loved this Brianna! You inspired me to get off my butt and work out this afternoon! It really is amazing how much exercise can improve everything…including our butt 😉

  • Jim P says:

    My legs are sore right now – I seem to have manifested a rather physical job, and I need to bump up my energy/endurance/health a bit. I’m committed to doing my chi-gong every day, and stay on my primal/anti-inflamitory diet for at least a couple weeks. I’m thinking about a spring fast. Sometimes when the flow gets going we find new places where we are blocking.
    But I know it’s rocking now. I’m just doing my work every day and being gentle with myself, especially about the mental funks. They happen, once I’m in one extra sleep is my only cure. But the other day I was feeling really good, and thought “How do I maximize this space and keep it going – and avoid driving my mood into the ditch of depression?” I’m not sure I know a way but I think that’s the secret.

    • Briana Borten says:

      Chi-gong is such a great thing for creating balance. That’s awesome.
      Glad you were feeling really good and I love the question of how to maintain it.

  • Briana Borten says:

    Awesome Jenna! Having a nice ass is a great side effect 😉

  • Alexandra says:

    Interesting post! I enjoy doing a leisurely walk… Usually about 3 miles. I do find that I often feel kind of foggy and sluggish. Care to share what you did to bump up your workouts? And what kind of workouts you do that make you feel so good?

    • Briana Borten says:

      I love a leisurely walk – but it doesn’t get me flowing quite the same. My workouts consist of hiking vigorously, dancing, cross-fit, and jumping on the trampoline to music. Let me know if you try these and enjoy them. xx

      • Alexandra says:

        Yup – I rocked out to some Elvis last night. Just six minutes of hardcore dancing and I can’t tell you how much more energized and vivacious I feel today!

  • Loved this! I totally agree. I woke up grumpy this morning. I dragged my fanny to the gym and it definitely changed the course of my day. #treadmilltherapy

  • Phil says:

    Love this post. Over the last couple years exercise has definitely become my #1 remedy for stress. In the summer I run, and in the winter I hit the gym, and a lot of times I don’t want to go, but I ALWAYS ALWAYS end up feeling so much better when I’m done.

  • Briana Borten says:

    Love this Phil.

  • maurika says:

    THIS is non-negotiabile, yet so easy to procrastinate! great post rbi – love.

  • Annette says:

    I created my own Fitness + Focus calendar. I fill it with my workout, inspirational sayings, goals, etc. In 30 years it has never failed me. When I find myself going off track, it is because I have no direction. So I go back to creating the calendar. Works like a charm!

  • Briana Borten says:

    This is an awesome idea Annette! Thanks for sharing.

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