Blogs | How to Open your Heart – Do This to Change Love in Your Life (video)

By Briana | March 29th 2021

How to Open your Heart – Do This to Change Love in Your Life (video)

Discovering your Sacred Life
Often during times of stress or difficulty, we can feel our bodies actually compact. It’s a physical manifestation of something we also do subconsciously, which is closing off our hearts. Nothing is worth closing your heart for.
I’ll repeat this, because it’s so important. Absolutely nothing—not grief, loss, personal defeat, illness—is worth closing your heart for. It is through our heart that we come to feel and release, so opening your heart is the key to finding passion and following the light that brightens everything we encounter.
In this week’s video, I show you in five easy steps how to ground down, connect to your central channel and open your heart. It’s a gentle and gradual practice that will help you find love and joy even during the most challenging times and increase your flow of love when you’re sure your heart is as full as it can be!This powerful grounding and opening exercise has been so beneficial to me and is one of the most sustainable practices for opening your heart.

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