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By Briana | October 10th 2022

How To Set Boundaries That Last

Discovering your Sacred Life

We love humans and also, they can be challenging for us to be with! So much resistance can come up as we move through life in relationships – with family, significant others, friends, coworkers, or even people in line at the grocery store.  

That’s why I just had to share with you my thoughts on this incredibly thoughtful question that came up in my community:

“How can I find the Divine in someone who has been so selfish and harmful, but also someone I don’t want to cut out? Boundaries are shifting, for sure, but so far no boundary I’ve set feels right.”

You feel that? Check out this video.

I believe in you. Your power, your creativity, your Divine within. This is high level inner work, and I am so endlessly grateful for how you show up in this gloriously messy life with me.

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