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By Briana | September 26th 2022

Reduce Your Pain with This Practice of Love


I am writing to you this week with a heart filled with warmth and tenderness, and an energy of pure love radiating to you.

I got asked about pain this week. Let’s pause. I know even reading the word pain can prick some of our gentle souls. Im’ so grateful I had the pleasure of speaking to this as pain is something every human experiences at some point in their lives. 

Here’s what was asked:

“I’m really trying to feel into the sensations in any pain I’m feeling and asking where I can let love in when I’m feeling like my higher self. But man, when pain comes, it feels like it weighs on me. I can’t even get to a place to ask where I can let love in. I’m trying to be present in it, but the pain feels too big to even deal with most of the time. Are there any options for me when the pain feels too heavy to bear?”

Want to see what came through? Watch this video! 

What’s in this video is a full wisdom teaching. The fact that you’re here means that it’s here for you, and I hope that you take the time to dive in.

Lean in- because if you actually do learn how to do this for you, it will change the trajectory of how you experience life.

I love you deeply.

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