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By Briana | August 1st 2022

Important Energetics in Business

5-Steps for Connection

As we’ve been discussing a lot recently in the Sacred Relationship Series, being in relationship takes a lot of awareness and self knowledge, and even more so when you’re in relationship with someone in life as well as business.

I had an incredible conversation with Alyssa this week about working with her fiance which is a topic near and dear to me, since Peter and I have worked together for over 19 years!

While balancing her work and romantic relationship with her partner was a big part of Alyssa’s concerns, she also shared what’s true for many of us: the fear of being seen in her business. 

This is what stops SO MANY OF US from creating what we want and the opening that came from our chat I know is going to serve you if you’re wanting to take things to the next level.

In this video you’ll see how a shift in approach and perspective can truly bring a whole new energy to your business.

Ultimately, whether you are working with a romantic partner, business partner or even co-worker, a mutual focus on the energy together will enhance the environment and your results.

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