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By Briana | September 5th 2022

This is The Most Free Way to Move Forward

5-Steps for Connection

If you have been following along and maybe even attended my incredible 3 day intensive on Forgiveness, you know that forgiveness is the first step to setting yourself free.

I got a request recently that is very relatable when it comes to figuring out how to let go of something even when it feels justifiable to stay upset. You know that feeling- where grudges and resentment are outweighing what is actually leading you to your own freedom?

Here was what was asked:

“You talked about forgiveness being in the mind ego. And where I intellectually understand that, I have trouble forgiving others and myself- whether it is injustice, or something I think is fair to be upset about, I find myself not even wanting to forgive. It sort of makes me feel like a doormat to let something go. Any advice on how to let love into that.”

If you’re like pretty much every other human and have ever let your ego take the wheel when it comes to forgiveness, you’re not going to want to miss this video!

Forgiveness is not the easiest thing to do, though once you find the sweet spot for yourself, it becomes one of the most elevating things you can do for yourself. 

I’m holding so much love and tenderness for you.

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