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By Briana | September 21st 2018

What language does your heart speak?


At a recent gathering in my cozy space in Boulder, five of us sat closely together in a circle. One participant began to speak, but I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. I checked in with the group, and it turned out no one else could hear her truth either.

“Love,” I said, “we need to pause you. We want to hear what you have to say, but we are having trouble understanding. Can you tell us, again, maybe in a different way?”

Suddenly, she was hurt.

She was trying to reach us, but couldn’t, and the tears started to flow.

We closed our eyes, and I held her hands as I invited her to go all the way in, to really dive deeply, to risk opening up her heart and let what it was trying to say rise up and connect with her tongue.

It is a challenge to live rooted in love, to stay open, to be vulnerable. Living from an open heart means we risk being hurt, or disappointed. So, instead we sometimes use our words as a distraction, or a kind of tricky dance that makes it hard for others to follow and trace the truth. We build these protective shields around our inner worlds, our inner voice, not to be deceptive or sneaky, but because we aren’t sure if the rest of the world will handle our truth safely.

But when we are able to fully embrace all the experiences of life we become much more willing to be with all of it: the hurt, the joy, the disappointment, and the brilliance.

The courage comes when we trust ourselves to listen to the language of our hearts, and to share it clearly, not because the rest of the world has made us feel safe but because we trust that we can do that for ourselves. We can trust that our strength and our openness rise together.

When you speak from the heart, we hear you loud and clear.

It’s our challenge and our invitation.

If this brings up a sense, for you, of “YES, I need this!” I invite you to consider making space in your day today to really listen to your heart.

It can be as simple as lighting a candle, and closing your eyes, and asking your heart,

“What do you want me to know?”

And, if you feel pulled to go even more deeply, I invite you to download this session that I did with my Love Rising Collective. You and your heart can join us, and our hearts, as we tune in safely…together.

From my heart to yours,


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