By Briana | January 28th 2015

What’s the rush?


I can hardly believe that this year is already almost one twelfth done! Time seems to fly by so much faster as an adult. I remember being a kid and watching the clock in school and feeling like it took forever to go from 2:55 to 3:00 when we were released.

The faster pace we keep in life, rushing from one thing to the next, the speedier time goes by as well. It’s like they say “time flies when you’re having fun”, but it’s also true that “time flies when you’re on the run.”

I see it in the faces of mothers running their children from one activity to the next and in the spirits of hustling entrepreneurs that are hurrying from networking event to meetings to work work work. And now days I’ve started to see it in our kids – already feeling the pressures to always be going, doing, performing. This speed takes a toll on our soul and we miss the depth available in every moment.

I would be the first to admit that I simply adore getting things done. I tend to have a lot of projects going and I love it that way. And when it’s necessary – I hustle.   But what I’ve found is that if I don’t enjoy the process and follow the hustle with an equal amount of relax, my skin is dull, my body feels less vital, my emotions get out of wack, and I become less focused and productive in my work.

What are we all rushing toward anyway? The end? Because that’s coming eventually no matter what, and we don’t ever know when. Do you really want to speed through life? There is no destination. There is no place to “get to.” There’s no rush.

Your natural pace, the one you find when you listen to your true self, is perfect. You may not be at every conference, or your kids may not know everything from karate to violin, your house may not be photographable for Better Homes and Gardens, and you may not make your first million this year.   And that’s ok. If you take the time to truly enjoy the process of connecting with other people, playing and cuddling with your children, making your art and creating your fabulous business or job – you’ve won.

And your prize? A life of meaning and joy. A life where when you do get to the end you can reflect back and say “Hell ya, that was good.” No regrets. No wishing you had connected more with your family and friends. No wishing you had taken bigger risks. No wishing you had enjoyed more. You will have gotten every last drop out of this beautiful life – because you chose to be present over producing.

And here’s the secret bonus: you will also be more productive and get your goals. Because slowing down allows space for intuition and wise action. Pretty sweet, right?

Here’s to the next eleven twelfths of this year feeling juicy and full and enjoying every single moment.



PS. I have some exciting projects I’m working on for you – one of them is Bliss and Beauty with Briana where I will be sharing short videos with you on creating a healthy body and wonderful life. If you have any burning questions send them my way and I’ll answer them in this series.

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