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By Briana | August 15th 2022

Restart Your Day All Day Long

Discovering your Sacred Life

My system is built to respond, to respond to my client’s hearts with love and wisdom, to respond to music with dance, to respond to pleasure in my body – which is why I also love answering questions from my community! It’s where so much juiciness comes out!

I recently received a really juicy question from Carissa in my Embodied course that I knew I had to share with you all (with her permission ;). 

She said:

“For me, the biggest struggle is breaking lifelong habits of self abuse. I am in a much better place than ever before but I have a decades old habit of taking responsibility for things that aren’t mine to carry, taking on other people’s shit, and mentally punishing myself for every minor mistake I’ve made. It is almost a knee-jerk response that still pops up and waylays my ability to be my authentic expression of myself. Embodied has helped me make some big strides here and I am seeing some exciting shifts in these patterns, but I wonder if you can speak about ways to further step out of that impulse to throw myself under the bus? Or is it simply a matter of time and practicing the work we have learned here until new habits replace the old?”

Want to hear what came through?

Watch this video!

Don’t miss this video.

Keep coming back to your center.

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